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Leafly - Whitney Economics JOBS REPORT 2022

Catch the REPLAY of the 2022 Jobs Report Q&A session with Beau Whitney, Bruce Barcott and your host Jeff Wyborny as they take questions from the Industry and Dive Deep into the 2022 Jobs Report.


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Beau Whitney from Whitney Economics

Beau Whitney is the founder and Chief Economist at Whitney Economics, a global leader in cannabis and hemp business consulting, data, and economic research. Beau is considered one of the leading cannabis economists in the U.S. and globally. He provides policy recommendations at the state, national and international levels and will be speaking at the United Nations in May 2022 on cannabis economics. Beau is considered an authority on cannabis economics and the supply chain.   Whitney Economics is based in Portland, Oregon.

Jeff Wyborny from KeyHolder Media

Jeff Wyborny is founder of KeyHolder Media, an authority in digital marketing, sales management and building selling systems in a variety of industries. Jeff as Director of Operations at a premier media company launched customer systems, ad campaigns, selling systems and technical systems. These days Jeff's customers in the Hemp and Cannabis Industries range from consultative analysis for increasing revenue to consulting on new brand launches. KeyHolder Media is a virtual company with partners around the world. 

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