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Agency Preparation
 Seize Control of the Agency Process

What is Agency Preparation and

Why would you get it when you have not hired an agency, yet?

SIMPLY STATED: Digital Marketing Agencies hire KeyHolder Media to Dive in with their clients into messaging and target audiences, prepare, ad elements, the best hooks, headlines and strategies. We are hired to prepare a report with details, plans and copy elements so that the Digital Marketing Agency can immediately produce and get results with minimal strategic pivots and limited ad testing. This includes messaging strategy, analysis and strategic planning.


KM offers this service direct to business so they may appeal to higher level agencies, jumpstart their next agency or simply create and understand a sophisticated specific marketing plan that will work. The Executive Summary Report will guide marketing and production decisions for a decade.

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Navigating the Digital Wilderness


When it is time to hire an agency, get the best one and give them the groundwork and research results so they can deliver for you right away without goofing around or running into an agency that is going to shoehorn you into a template where they use some mechanism that is not right for you.

We are going to spend 4-6 hours with you. We are going to complete the research in between meetings and we are going to shape your marketing vision in a way that you will be 100% confident, because the vision is yours. Plus we are going to do this FAST. 


  • An Executive Summary that you will use to guide your marketing for a decade

  • Buyer Persona Inventory

  • Awareness Inventory and Strategies for Cold, Warm and Retargeted Traffic

  • Catalog of Pains, Problems and Frustrations of Avatar

  • Your front end offers ready and specific (Mid-Ticket Offers if applicable)

  • Your Ultimate "Hero Product" Offer

  • Catalog of Tangible Desires of Avatar

  • Catalog of Intangible Desires of Avatar

  • Inventory of Common Ground between Avatar and Brand

  • General Avatar and Audience Characteristics

  • Your Unique Mechanism (of your ultimate offer)

  • Analysis and Recommendation of Ad Genres with your Offer

  • Analysis of our 15 Ad Blocks and viability with your product

  • Detailed Messaging Notes for Key Ad Blocks (to construct the ad)

  • Detailed HOOKS for Top Ad Blocks (for use by copywriter)

  • Ads outlined in blocks with recommendations on order for copywriter

  • Master Hooks

  • Master Headlines

  • Master Below Creative Headlines



  • Meeting One - Learning Your Business and Requesting Assets

  • We will ask you for resources we can study and dissect

  • We will deep dive into your Avatar and 

  • Meeting Two - Penetrating Your Mission (Big Promise), Unique Mechanism and USP. Strategic Messaging Direction based on Awareness Inventory

  • Offer Analysis, Upsell Options and Funnel Analysis

  • Off Line Building the blocks of your Pillar Presentation and/or Ad Blocks

  • Meeting Three - Working Through Ad Blocks and Prioritizing Presentation Blocks

  • Setting up Hooks Process and Working Offline on Hooks and Headlines

  • Meeting Four - Sorting, Creating and Rating Hooks and Headlines for final report

  • Production of Final Report to Present to Your Agency Candidates

  • If requested, a recommendation to a trusted partner agency

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