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90-Day Partnership Consulting

Private Consulting is a package that starts with the Agency Preparation / FastStart Service and immediately sets up relationships with Organic and Paid Traffic Coaching Programs run by the Best People on Earth. We will bring in Top Agency Help and with luck in 60 days or less be working with a top agency and your new system. 

What is 90-Day Partnership Consulting?

Get Your Marketing Sorted but by using Steroids and Avengers like cheating to push you from looking at systems to mocking those who are looking at systems.


Who are the Partners?

I partner my 90-Day program with Keith Krance from Dominate Web Media. If you don't know who he is, I am certain you have seen his ads and purchased from his clients. Together Keith and I have been partnered in over 300 Million dollars in Ad-Spend and Billions of Ad and Video Views. While KeyHolder Media stands up against anyone on the deep messaging dive, creatives and offer analysis, We want you to have the best when it comes to Strategy and Campaign Management Consulting. There is nobody better than Keith. Additionally, Keith has a network of Partner Agencies that we can tap into for advice and perhaps to become your ultimate agency. 


How does this work?

Step one is we push through Agency Preparation. We will set goals for the next 10 weeks and have an accountability meeting weekly about progress. This gives Keith's Team the ideal starting point to work with you on both Organic and Traffic Projects and Campaigns.  Each week KeyHolderMedia will consult with Keith Krance about your progress and make adjustments to your pathway. 

You may ask yourself, Agency Preparation is so great, why doesn't Keith use it? The answer is he does. Dominate Web Media's Private Client Program 25K-100K starts off with An Agency Preparation Contract with KeyHolder.


What is the Cost and Commitment?

The 90-Day Partnership Consulting is two parts. The easy part is $ 10K and your getting started. The harder part is Your Commitment to the process. This is not a course, although we will direct you to watch some videos, but this is a process to build Your Messaging, Selling System, Marketing Machine and Growth Plan. This won't happen without your commitment. 

The 10K price does not include agency fees. We will be happy to set you up with one of our certified agencies. Most of our agencies charge based on ad spend and begin with retainers starting at 4K per month. We also have some newer agencies if you are just getting started and we might be able to set you up with an "up and comer" agency that does not have as high a fee, YET.

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